DIY wrap choker necklace


IMG_6540         If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen this necklace pop up a lot lately. I wanted one for awhile, but found the retail cost to be more than I wanted to spend. For instance, there’s one available on NASTYGAL.COM for nearly $40!  Adorable? Yes, of course. But, worth the money? Meh. Instead of spending the money, I thought this would be a great DIY opportunity. It only takes about five minutes and will cost you only $5!              Here are the instructions to how I made mine. Plus – I’ll be giving this exact necklace away on Instagram! Make sure to check out my page for simple steps on how to win it.  It’s a small gesture to say thank you to everyone checking out The Nomis Niche. I really appreciate you all!


  • Scissors
  • Black faux leather suede beading cord
  • Two beads for the end



Step #1

Cut the cord your desired length. For me, it was the length of my forearm when folded in half twice. (It ended up being about 60 inches long.)


Step #2

Grab your beads. I found these at our local Hobby Lobby and they worked great. You can pick anything you like really. I made another necklace with ivory colored beads on the end too.


Step #3

Trim the cord just a little bit to make sure you can easily get it through the bead. Make the end into a point instead of a square edge.


Step #4

Thread your beads through. After you have a bead at each end – tie a knot to keep them in place!



Step #5

Clean up the ends by trimming off the excess. Now you’re ready to wear it!IMG_6265

Like I said – it’s super easy! Don’t forget – to win this exact necklace click HERE to go to my Instagram page and follow the simple instructions. Also, I included some of the many ways you can wear it below. Happy Friday!

Love, Lindsey

Ways to wear it:

ways to wear it






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