White Summer Dress


Hey guys! No, you haven’t come to the wrong blog. Yes… it is me. I have put down the ripped jeans and slipped into a summer dress that has me wishing I was in a field of flowers under a clear blue sky. Next best thing? Buy some flowers from the store down the road and stand in front of a blue wall. shrugs shoulders

Seriously though… I love my denim, but I felt like I was getting into this style rut where that’s all I was wearing. They’re kind of my go-to right now. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I’m giving them up for good. I just want to shake some things up a bit.



I love mixing high and low style, but honestly… this outfit is all LOW-LOW. The sandals are Charlotte Russe. Belt is Urban Outfitters; sunglasses are from Forever 21, and both the bag and dress are from Target! (links to all are at the bottom of the post – as always 😉 But, for realsies… if you haven’t checked out Target’s website lately? You really should. Our local spot has a lot of great pieces, but there’s so much more available online.

For one, the purses are great. I’ve been using the same tote for years and wanted something new. Low and behold… Target was there for me with a big ole, “I gotcha girl”. This one is simple and big enough to carry everything I need to go on a picnic.

Hahah!!! No. Let’s be real… I have never been on a picnic. In all honesty, I looked at the tote and thought “hmm… this is big enough to carry my PJ’s, Cards Against Humanity game, toiletry bag and a bottle of wine when I go over my gal pal’s house for a “lady party”. That’s my reality.



In any case… white summery dresses are my JAM. I actually refuse to box them up when winter rolls around. I keep them in my closet to remind me of summertime. No joke… they are in the smack dab middle of my closet. I’ve arranged my closet so these white dresses are the first thing I see when I open it up. It just makes me happy. Actually… do I feel a closet post coming on???  jots notes down on a Target receipt that will most likely be accidentally thrown away tomorrow morning

Crap! I’ve gotten off topic AGAIN. Where was I? Oh yeah… the white dress….


I really liked this white summery dress because it’s lightweight (bonus for 115 degree heat. Oh Lord help me when June comes)… but also because it’s midi length. Yeah yeah… midi length is popular and on trend right now, but also… I’m not very lady like. I know my mother (The Southern Belle) taught me to sit up straight and cross my legs… but I always find myself sitting on the floor telling some story sitting criss-cross applesauce.  Midi dresses are great for that. This one is so comfortable I could sleep in it. Actually, if I wear it to another one of our “lady parties”… chances are I will. (But I got ‘dat tote with my toiletries and toothbrush so I’m good right? RIGHT?!?)

IMG_7283Dress: TARGET // Belt: URBAN OUTFITTERS (old, similar HERE and HERE) // Sunglasses: FOREVER 21 // Bag: TARGET // Sandals: CHARLOTTE RUSSE 

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Love, Lindsey



    1. thanks – I thought the same thing! This one will definitely be on heavy rotation this summer. 🙂

  1. I don’t know what I like best! I really like the white crisp look, and the leather tones it down a bit…nice touch. But honestly I love the sunglasses and purse too. Nice!!!!

    1. Hahaha! thanks my freeend! And yes – go to Target now! Or check out the store online. They’ve got some great summer stuff right now 😉

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