Costa Rica: Parte Dos

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      Parte dos of our Costa Rica voyage. Again, I can’t tell you what an amazing time we had.We stayed at the Riu Guanacaste Hotel and really took advantage of all that they had to offer. The staff hosted games up by the pool, a nice quiet beach, nightly shows, etc. They actually did a “Las Vegas” themed show one night. That was pretty hysterical seeing their interpretation of what our entertainment is like. A lot of Ricky Martin? We shook our bon bons anyway.

After a few chill days we decided to get adventurous. We went snorkeling and saw tropical fish and 12 sting rays! The rain forest excursion was probably my favorite part. The butterfly garden was beautiful, but despite my best efforts no butterfly landed on my finger. Like… we traveled all this way and you bugs can’t even give me my Snow White moment?! You think you’re all that cuz you can fly? You were a creepy crawly caterpillar like a month ago chump.

We spotted some hummingbirds too, but those suckers are too quick and apparently extremely camera shy. And… oh my gosh… ziplining through the canopy! Ahh! Flying by trees close enough that you could touch was an experience. I’ll never forget. I think even if I clonked my head on one of them I would still be grinning from ear to ear.

I also tried out their beauty secret. You sit in their natural sauna for about 10 minutes then rub the volcanic mud all over your body. Once it dries you wash it off and then sit in the natural hot springs for another 20 minutes. It’s probably a load of crock, but that didn’t stop me from slathering that hot mud all over myself. One Canadian woman said I looked like a swamp monster. So yeah… that was a huge ego boost. (I’m not being sarcastic. #SwampGoals)

But the best part of this excursion was the waterfalls!!! I’ve been saying forever that all I wanted to really do on this trip was hop into a waterfall. Did it. Loved it. Want to do it again immediately.

I know this is a lengthy post, but I just want to share everything with you all! I’ve also got another outfit post coming tomorrow morning. So be sure to check that out too! As always, thanks for checking out The Nomis Niche and reading through my ramblings. If you’re going to Costa Rica anytime soon let me know! Maybe I could help you out with some pointers.

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Beach Vibes: tie-dye dress and coverup


 As promised, here’s a look at an outfit from Costa Rica. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that tie-dye trend is in full force this spring. I’ve always loved it, and now it’s even easier to find in stores and online! (Happy dance) I like this dress in particular because it’s so breezy and comfortable. you could even wear it as a cover-up. The only problem I had was finding a bra that didn’t show. So I thought, if you can’t hide it embrace it. I nabbed this Urban Outfitters bra right before our vacation and like how the pop of orange looks against the blue.

This Forever 21 hat is my new go-to for the beach. It’s brim is wide enough that it covers my face. Surprisingly, it kept it’s shape even after getting damp. I think the key is to find one with lining on the inside.
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Dress: Thrifted (similar here) // Hat: Forever 21 // Bracelets: Urban Outfitters //
 Sandals: Charlotte Russe // Bra: Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses: Thrifted, but found them here // Necklace: An old broken long-chain necklace from Express that I repurposed 
     As always, thanks for stopping by The Nomis Niche! More posts to come from our Costa Rica adventures. I can’t wait to show you the shots from the rain forest! The best is yet to come.
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Costa Rica: Parte Uno

Buenas noches mis amigos! We just got back from Costa Rica last night and I couldn’t wait to upload some pictures from our trip. There were so many beautiful things to see and memories to make. We didn’t have very good internet access and Instagram wouldn’t work at all. But, that was ok by me because instead of updating my feed I was able to enjoy the perfect paradise with Mike.
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Fringe Binge

Fringe Binge

   Fringe fashion is having a major moment right now. From skirts to jackets, shoes, bags and more, it’s been seen all over the spring 2016 fashion runways. There’s no doubt the style is steaming hot, and you should most definitely get in on it.

     The warmer months is a time when I personally tap into my super boho style, and this trend is the perfect addition to my growing 70’s inspired wardrobe. What can I say? I’m on a fringe binge and no one can stop me!

     I’ve posed a few of my faves and tried not to pick out anything too expensive. But honestly, I think this trend is here to stay for awhile. So, if you want to splurge it’s definitely acceptable at this point. 
     Thanks again for checking out The Nomis Niche! For more style inspiration follow me on instagram: @TheNomisNiche . Also, I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or shoot me an email – 

Abercrombie Fitch lace tank
7.690 CRC –

Muscle t shirt
8.540 CRC –

Suede jacket
58.750 CRC –

Blue skirt
47.535 CRC –

Dolce Vita fringe ankle boots
53.390 CRC –

River Island open toe shoes
37.385 CRC –

Purse crossbody
54.960 CRC –

FOSSIL handbags purse
79.045 CRC –

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Seasonless Black Vest

 Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start. This is an outfit I wore to work the other day. I’ve told you before how much I love vests because they allow me to have that layered look even when it’s 110 degrees outside.  I love this one in particular because it’s truly seasonless.
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