Off the shoulder chambray summer dress / Save vs. Splurge

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Hi everyone! I’m excited to finally share with you that I’m helping kick off their guest blogger program! If you haven’t heard of them – they offer designer digs at a discounted rate. (yes please!) So, no… I haven’t changed my hair back… we’ve just been holding on to these pictures for a little while now. Hope you enjoy!

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While I love going out with my husband, it’s also important to get some good quality time in with my lady friends too. In fact, studies have shown that friends are actually good for your health! They offer support, increase your life span, boost your immune system… and just make you a generally happier person.

And if I’m being honest, I think I put in more effort into my outfits when going out with my girls compared to date night with my husband! They just really pay attention to details, making it a great time to try out some new trends. So today I want to share with you some of my favorite “trendier” pieces compared to items I think are worth the splurge.

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Of course, like most fashion bloggers, I’m obsessing over the off-the shoulder trend. I love this off-the shoulder chambray dress from Express because it’s so comfortable and easy to dress up or down. Also, I love pairing off the shoulder pieces with a neck scarf too. It’s a great alternative to a necklace and just adds a little something extra.

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Another trend I love is the chunky heeled sandals. They’re seriously EVERYWHERE! I’ve been wearing these chunky sandals from Topshop a lot lately. They look great with summer dresses, cropped denim and they work well with my flared jeans too.  An added bonus? They’re super comfortable!

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But as always – when it comes to trends I have to think which ones are worth splurging on.  I’m a big proponent of “high-low” dressing, which is mixing high end pieces with more affordable ones. Not all trends are worth the splurge. However, I DO believe that it’s completely acceptable to spend money on bags, accessories and jewelry. They always fit and can last a very long time.  Here are some of my favorites I have my eye on right now:

Worth the splurge:

stella clutch




Stella McCartney Botanical Clutch: Every girl needs a great clutch. A statement making clutch. This one is unique, yet versatile – which translates to… you’ll be using it for a long time to come and you’ll get a lot of compliments.





Quattrocento ‘Cuanta Pasion’ Sunglasses: I like this sunglass brand in particular because they’re 100% handcrafted in Italy. Their name refers to the 15th century Italian renaissance when the artisan groups were celebrities and painters were straight up celebs. They value a well-made piece… and it shows.


spider bracelet

Alexander McQueen Spider Bracelet: Now, before you think I’ve gone all “witchy” on you – you should know I love jewelry with either sentiment or symbolism, and the spider is incredibly symbolic. The eight-legged insect is actually an ancient symbol of power, mystery and growth. The spider weaves its web similar to how we weave our own lives. Think about it – a spider’s web serves as a home, a place to store food, an incubator for eggs, and many other functions. If that web gets knocked down, the spider’s entirely livelihood goes with it. So, what does it do? It builds another. It builds its life back up, just as we may                                                                                         need to do from time to time when the world knocks us down.  So, yeah                                                                                   – I’m kinda diggin’ spider jewelry.

hogan bag



Hogan Cross-body or over-the-shoulder bag: I have a less expensive version of this bag in black that I wear just about every day (seen here , here and here),  so I know if I spent the cash on a designer version it would definitely be worth the money. I have my eye on this white leather one for spring/summer.




  1. I absolutely love the “girls night out” outfit….and the fact that “we” girls get dressed up for our friends is sooooo true. How many times have I changed clothes to meet friends. I am meeting them on Friday…oh what to wear. Maybe some new shoes like you are sporting and something denim:)

    1. Ummm… you’re awesome! haha. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the outfit! 😉

      Love, Lindsey

  2. This is such a perfect “girls night out” look! I’ve always thought it was funny how girls dress for girls, but it’s so true! I think it’s something that we do without even really thinking about it. And can I say that you have amazing facial features, you are gorgeous!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    1. Thank you! And yes… girls TOTALLY dress for other girls. My husband has grown to appreciate my outfits… but when I ask him, “How does this look” – and he seems a little confused… I know it’s a good outfit. hahah! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. What a gorgeous outfit! This dress is utterly ideal for summer – plus, no chance of strap marks when the sun comes out to play! 😉 Gorgeous girl!

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