Fight with style, fight like a girl

A few weeks ago I received an e-amail from the online magazine/blog Fashion-n-Curious. She asked me some questions. I answered them. This was the result…

As a Broadcast Journalist… it was a little strange being the one who’s interviewed instead of the one asking the questions. But honestly, this project was so much fun! The questions were unique and I ended up having a blast answering them .Scroll down for the interview For the full post, click this link: http://fash-n-curious.com/2017/08/09/fight-with-style-fight-like-a-girl/


Lindsey’s (tnomishniche) style first captured my attention but her humor pulled my in even further. I love her quirky captions and when I interviewed her I realized that she is just so funny! And then I found out about her mom and her fight with ovarian cancer. I wanted to just stand and cheer for the warrior her mom is and I wanted to give Lindsey the little girl, not the fashion blogger or the TV personality but the little girl a hug because her mom’s fight is her fight and certainly her pain. And when it comes to our parents we’re always little girls.


Lindsey’s mom has won four cancer battles since 2011 and she is still battling.  I’ve had a cancer scare which was stress in itself much less to actually knowing you have cancer and having to fight it. What’s great is how  brave they both are as her mom, Angela, is still traveling and working as a real estate agent while Lindsey has taken on her mother’s fight to raise awareness and money for cancer fighters. Fight like a girl. That’s what Lindsey’s tee shirt collection advocates. I like that for her collection each style has a name dedicated to women fighting cancer.

When I started on this fashNcurious 5 journey to learn about the women behind the Instagram accounts that intrigued me I never realized how moved I’d be by them. This week I share with you the beautiful soul Lindsey Simon.fight in style, fight like a girl


 As a TV Host personality, do you feel any pressure to maintain a certain level of glamour every day?

 I actually try to stay away from makeup when I’m not on air or taking photos for The Nomis Niche. I think it’s important to give your skin a break. However, after having a few run-ins with viewers when I was looking very haggard at the grocery store, I realized I probably should put a little effort into my appearance. Now, when I need to run some errands I’ll put on some CC cream and fill in my eyebrows. My Southern Belle mother also tells me I shouldn’t leave the house without mascara and a swipe of lipstick. I do that too (whenever she’s in town).

Why did you switch from hard news to entertainment news? 

When I started out in hard news, it took me about a year to realize it wasn’t for me. I’d interview these people that were dealing with tragedy, and once the cameras turned off I would hug them. I don’t have that switch where I can disconnect. I always wanted to be in entertainment news, but really didn’t know how to get into it. (They don’t teach that in Broadcast Journalism). But, one thing lead to another and now I get to host a show about positive stories and just have fun!

What prompted you to start blogging? And why style and fashion?

The Nomis Niche really started as a creative outlet. I’ve always loved fashion. As a little girl I would watch my mom get ready and spend hours in her closet putting my tiny feet in all her high heels. When I grew up and started my career in Broadcast Journalism, I became restricted to what I could wear on TV. I got annoyed that I couldn’t dress for how I felt. So, I started a blog. I had people take pictures of the outfits I wore on the weekend and wrote about that. It was basically me getting back in touch with that five year old girl that dressed for herself. I’m talking penny loafers with frilly skirts, an oversized t-shirt and cat-eye sunglasses. Actually, maybe that should be a new post! Ha!

You have such a great sense of style….how do you pick your pieces and pair them together. Any tips you can share?

My personal style definitely evolves. But, after looking through old (and oftentimes very embarrassing) outfit photos, I think I’ve figured out the common themes in my outfits. I like a mixture of feminine and edgy with bohemian touches. If I’m wearing a sundress, I edge it up with sneakers. If I’m wearing heels and a mini skirt, I’ll pair it with an edgier top and mess my hair up a bit. My two style tips are to 1) Dress for yourself. Trends are great, but only follow the ones you really like. And 2) Get creative. I’ve actually used a belt I found from an old robe as a scarf, a bow-tie, and a shoe embellishment. Fashion is supposed to be fun! Dress in a way that makes you happy!

What’s your go to brand or store? Why?

For budget-friendly pieces I love H&M, Zara, ASOS and I also live at Nordstrom Rack. I also make it a point to visit thrift shops in whatever city I’m visiting, because you really can’t beat a one-of-a-kind piece. When I’m itching for something designer, I go to therealreal.com. That site offers great luxury pieces at a fraction of the cost. For bohemian pieces, amuse society and free people are my go-to brands.

How do you stay camera ready? What 5 tips can you share?

I stay camera ready by taking care of my skin. At night I use a makeup remover (I like Neutrogena) followed by Cetaphil Daily Face Wash. I only use white wash rags when cleaning my face. We have a rule in our house that white rags are for the face and face alone. That’s how I know they aren’t being used to clean toilets or other gross things. I also use a new white rag every night. It prevents bacteria transfer and breakouts. I’m always trying out new face creams, lotions, serums, etc. (Loving all of Decleor products at the moment). But, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option… get some coconut oil. It’s about $4 and does wonders. One last tip: sunless tanner. I’m an Irish/German/Scandinavian gal. Translation: I have vampire skin and will always burn. That’s why I always have Loreal Sublime Bronze and Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in my cabinet.



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