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Wedding season is here folks! And if you’re struggling to find a dress for all the nuptials you’ll be attending – don’t freak out! I’ve got you girl. But, instead of just offering up some of my favorite picks, I thought I’d also share a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to wedding guest etiquette.  My Shmoop and I (sorry –Seinfeld reference) got hitched back in August and I think it gave me a new perspective on what’s appropriate and what’s not. By the way… before we start I should tell you that all of our guests were amazing and we had no issues (love you all!) Ok… enough gush… let’s begin!

DO R.S.V.P. ON TIME – I know the invitations are sent out early, but make sure you aren’t stashing that response card away thinking you have plenty of time to send it in. Vendors need a head count, and until the couple gets all their R.S.V.P. cards back they aren’t able to move forward with their planning. A lot of times the card already has an address and stamp. It takes two seconds to fill out and send it on its way.

DON’T ASSUME YOU CAN BRING A DATE – If the invitation doesn’t say “and guest”, sorry pal. You don’t get to bring one. Also, don’t call the bride about it. It may not be in their budget to allow everyone to bring a guest.

DON’T WEAR WHITE – Unless it’s an “All White” wedding and everyone is wearing it… you should never ever wear white to a wedding. It takes the attention off the bride and you definitely don’t want to be that girl. Steer clear of ivory shades as well.

DO ARRIVE ON TIME – It’s important to get to your seats on time because sometimes the ceremony starts early. If something happens and you arrive late, don’t interrupt the ceremony. Just wait until the vows are said and enjoy the reception.

DON’T ASSUME KIDS ARE WELCOME – If the invitation says something like “The Simon Family” – then kids are welcome. Also if the couple included the names of all the family members inside, then you can bring the kiddos. Otherwise… it’s probably best to hire a sitter.

DO DRESS FOR THE OCCASION – All the weddings I’ve been to have been pretty casual, and it shows in the outfit picks I’ve chosen for you below. But if there is a dress code on the invitation (“black tie” “formal”, etc.) make sure to dress the part. Also, take into account the location. If it’s an outdoor wedding your high heels WILL dig into the grass. I mean… I still wear my stilettos, but just be prepared.

DON’T GET IN THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S WAY – Chances are the bride and groom are paying a pretty penny to get those gorgeous professional photos taken, and you’re iPhone sticking out can be distracting. Of course, It’s OK to take some photos (some of my favorite pics were captured by guests), but just try to stay out of the photogs way as best as possible.

DO PARTY IT UP – The newlyweds want their guests to have a good time! If they call for “everyone on the dance floor” – you should most definitely do it. You don’t have to be out there the ENTIRE time, but at least one dance is just a good gesture.

Now to some wedding guest outfits! Like I mentioned earlier… these are geared towards your typical wedding with a strict dress code. I also tried to pick dresses that would be comfortable so you can eat, drink, dance and be merry without having to worry about a wardrobe malfunction or a dress that’s restricting your Beyoncé dance-moves. 😉

*Psst… hover over the picture to see the brand and price. Click on the image and it will take you to the shopable site!



  1. This actually made me laugh…those selfie sticks are fun, but not at a wedding. Great tips and all very real life items.
    Is that why you told me I could not wear the white dress???? I get it:)

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