Turtleneck Two Ways

     Turtlenecks are my JAM as of late. Especially the loosey goosey ones that don’t feel like hands strangling my neck (you know what I’m talking about). So forget everything you once thought you knew about turtlenecks and let’s begin… 
     First of all… you can wear them multiple ways: under dresses, tucked in skirts, under your favorite leather jacket, etc. For these two options I chose some items that I feel you may already have in your closet. 
FIRST LOOK: Pairing a gray turtleneck with distressed jeans and some sneaks is my ultimate winter weekend look (just check out this look if you think I’m lying). A red beanie and a leopard purse makes it feel more put together. Also, I’m very excited Adidas Originals (or shell-toes as I call them) are back. I owned three pairs in high school and I’m pinching myself for not taking better care of them!

SECOND LOOK: Depending on how the sweater fits you, I would either tuck it completely into the skirt or do a “half-tuck” for more polish. I love how the wine colored purse and emerald booties compliment each other and give your otherwise neutral outfit some color. I debated throwing on a grandma-chic broche instead of the silver statement necklace (as seen here) – but really either would look great. 

     Hope that helps! Happy styling!

J.Crew boyfriend jeans
$120 –

Topshop pencil skirt
$45 –

Purple purse

Kate Spade gold watch

Bohemian jewelry
$37 –

Silver jewelry

Topshop black jewelry
$19 –


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