Summer swing dress


When people think of Vegas fashion it’s not uncommon for sparkles and spanx to come to mind. I get it.  It’s what people see at the clubs and in the movies. And while I’m not a glitter and glitz type of girl, I’ve definitely noticed that I dress a lot different when I’m home in Las Vegas than when I’m “home-home” in Pittsburgh (not downtown as you can obviously tell by the pictures).

I don’t think it’s an uncommon thing though. I mean – if you’re from Mississippi and now live in Portland, you might still have the same style, but let’s face it – you probably now own a few more plaid shirts, right? When I’m back in Pittsburgh it’s back to the basics. Less heels, less trends… just the good ole faithful pieces that I love.


This dress from Urban Outfitters is something I’m always packing on my trips. It’s so easy to travel with because it doesn’t really get wrinkled (I loath ironing). Also – this Etienne Marcel shirt has become on of my favorite layering pieces. I can wear it around my waist, unbuttoned underneath jackets, under sweaters. Oh yeah… and the normal way you wear a shirt too. 😉


As for where I am in these pictures… this is my mom’s backyard! You’ve probably seen some shots of it before on my Instagram (btw – are we friends yet? Check me out @TheNomisNiche ).


By the way… that little furball in the pictures is Jude. We also call her Judy Bear. She’s become a real camera hog lately. She pretty much runs the house and does whatever she wants. #JudyBearDontCare





Can you believe this view?! I can’t believe I ever took it for granted as a kid. They aren’t our horses (they belong to our neighbors), but I like to tell people they are. They’re so sweet and will eat carrots right out of your hand. The week before we got married my husband and I were in for a week and every evening he’d go up and give them some snacks. He’s from Kentucky so being a horse-person is kind of in his DNA.



Dress: Urban Outfitters // Shirt: Etienne Marcel // Shoes: Adidas // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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Love, Lindsey




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