Dressed in Black

              When I’m in a rush and need to quickly pick out something to wear I almost always dress in all black. With mixed fabrics it comes on more chic than gothic. For this look I took an old dress, layered a leather skirt over it and POOF – it’s an entirely new look!
               What’s your go to outfit when you’re in a rush? Let me know! Also, follow me on bloglovin’ for weekly updates on my posts. Thanks for stopping by!
    Dress worn as shirt: Rampage (old but similar here and here )
Leather skirt: thrifted (similar here, here and blue version here )
Shoes: Diba
Bag: Sister’s
Bracelet & Earrings: Forever21
Sunglasses: RayBan
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Tribal print Tuesday

            Ever have those moments when you go to buy something and pause to think, “is this too much?” Well, I don’t usually have that moment, except for with these pants… for about half a second. Then, I decided that I loved them and don’t care if they’re ‘too much’. Wear what makes you happy right?

Pants: Love Tree
Shirt: h and m
Purse  & Ring: forever21 (similar purse in white here )
Bracelets: Handmade / Urban Outfitters (also love this, this , and this )

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I’m back!


     I’m baaack! Vacation was AMAZING, but I’m glad to be back in the groove of things and back to blogging! I must admit I feel refreshed, and considering the massive amount of style magazines I sifted through on the plane rides – I’m also feeling very inspired!
     This look was something I wore before we headed off to Virginia Beach. These jeans were actually given to me by my co-worker, Maggie (you can check out her blog at maggiekrol.com ) and they fit like a glove!
     You may also recognize the gray top. It’s such a great piece to have because it gives a very basic t-shirt a little something extra.
      As for the denim vest? Can you believe it’s from target? I always go for fit rather than name brand, and this fit just as well as any other much more expensive vests I’ve tried on… leaving me more mula to spend on other pieces I’ve got my eye on 🙂
White jeans: No tag, but found similar here and here
Vest: Target
T-shirt: Kenar
Bracelet: from a trip to Dominican Republic
Shoes: Lauren Conrad
Sunglasses: RayBan (also love this pair from Lulu’s

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Boho top and denim shorts

 Shirt: Free People (sold out, also love these: Free PeopleShein.comFree People, // Jean Shorts: Free People (similar here ) // Shoes: Lucky Brand //  Purse: H&m // Necklace: Express
     Hey everyone! I’m heading out on vacation (right after this post), and this outfit is definitely going in my suitcase with me. 
     Free People is my go to when it comes to summer style. Their clothing is easy, breezy and relaxed… just how summer’s supposed to be!
    I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! thanks for stopping by The Nomis Niche!
Love, Lindsey

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Rachel Roy Jumpsuit

Rachel Roy really does make some of my favorite pieces. They fit well and are incredibly comfortable. I feel like her designs are for the laid back cool girl that’s stylish without trying to hard. And when you wear her clothes you feel like you’re that girl.
I’m also a MAJOR fan of jumpsuits. They’re the easiest things to wear because they require zero effort and you really don’t need a whole lot of extras. The jumpsuit is a statement in and of itself.
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Love, Lindsey

Jumpsuit: Rachel Roy (Also by R.R. in black here & one strap plum color here )
Necklace/Earrings: Target
Bracelet: H&M

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