Lindsey’s Love List: Rompers (everything under $100)

Lindsey's Love List: Rompers (everything under $100)

Lindsey’s Love List: Rompers (everything under $100) by lindsey-simon featuring a playsuit jumpsuit
When you live in Las Vegas you get used to seeing girl after girl after girl after…(you get the point) wearing the same old little black dress. I admit, before I lived here I would pack my “Vegasy” dresses that I’d never wear anywhere else because they were too tight, too short, and let’s face it, if you’re dancing you WILL have a wardrobe malfunction.
So, if I’m going out and want to get “fancy-shmancy”I like to wear a jumpsuit / romper. For one – it sets you apart from the giant “black bandage sea”. (I know you know what I’m talking about). They’re also comfortable, classy, stylish and you can actually move in them! And if you’re wanting to get noticed, this will do it. A bonus? You don’t have to constantly worry about crossing your legs in fear of showing… well… you get the point.
So here’s to all you Vegas visitors out there, whom I love and adore, let’s rise above the skin-tight belts that ladies like to pass off as “dresses” – and get to stunnin’ in some sleek and sexy rompers!

Oh – and did I mention? Everything you see here is under $100 (shoes included). Which leaves you for more money to spend at the craps table! Cheers!

Rory Beca purple jumpsuit

Mink Pink jump suit

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I’m Blushing…

I'm Blushing...

I’m Blushing… by lindsey-simon featuring Ray-Ban

Let’s be clear… I do NOT like pink. I have some pink items in my closet, but I’ve never really felt good wearing the color.(Maybe it’s because when you’re younger you’re told “pink is for girls and blue is for boys”. I don’t like being told what to do. I can be very stubborn!) However, for some reason I’m LOVING the “Lush Blush” trend lately! I’m partial to neutrals, and it’s so easy to incorporate this light color into a neutral outfit. A blush coat is most definitely on my “wish list” for fall!

Car coat

Sole Society ankle boots

Lipsy tote bag
$105 –

Ray-Ban sunglasses
$190 –

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My Fall Style Staples

Fall takes a little more time to really set in here in Vegas, but I don’t care! I’ve already taken out my fall clothes and I’m not turning back. Fall is by far my favorite season. It’s not just because of the fashion. Wait. Never mind. It is because of the fashion.
I’ve found that there are a couple of key pieces that I’m always turning towards during the fall months, and these are a few of my favorites. 
I love blazers, burgundy ANYTHING, dark nails, leopard heels and of course you always need a good collared white shirt for layering. 
I also like to pretend I’m still back in elementary school and go “school shopping” for the fall. If you do the same, then you’ll love They offer discounted gift cards to all my favorite places! From Macy’s to Zara, h&m, Forever21 and so much more! They even have home design stores like Pottery Barn (swoon). Better yet – you can also sell your gift cards that you don’t want and earn points for it. I highly recommend checking it out. 
Thanks for stopping by!
Blazer: h+m
White collared shirt: h+m
Pants: Forever21 (also love Lulu’s corduroy version)
Heels: Nine West (similar here)
Bag: olivia + joy (love this crocodile skin version for only $50 here)
Nails: O.P.I. in “Road House Blues”
Rings: Thrifted/ h+m
Necklace: Thrifted
Watch: NY &Co.
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“Tell me about it…STUD”

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! 
I wore this outfit last night. We went to Red Rock Casino to check out Zowie Bowie, which was SO much fun. Had to ditch the jacket though as my dance moves increase my body temperature to 1,000 degrees. 
These studded shoulder attachments are my new favorite thing!
They have pins underneath, which means you can attach and reattach them to anything you want!
It can make any blazer/shirt/sweater that much more exciting!
Thanks for stopping by!
Stud shoulder attachments:
Leather pants: h+m (similar style here)
Top: forever21
Blazer: NY and Co. (old)
Heels: Diba (also LOVE this style)
Purse; forever21 (also love this style)
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Let’s break the rules, shall we?

Throw on a scarf and a blazer: 

Wear with boots and a sweater: 

Go all out and rock head to toe white: 

Black and white never goes out of style:

Rules were meant to be broken, ok? Especially in today’s fashion world where basically anything goes and not only is it appreciated, it’s adored! Think about it, Socks with heeled sandals. Monochromatic outfits. It’s all fashionista approved and has been copied again and again, not only on the runways, but on the street and in magazine spreads. 
So… I will ABSOLUTELY be breaking the “no white after Labor Day” rule and rocking my white jeans / dresses well into the winter. Here are a few of my favorite ways to do it. 
1. With a scarf and blazer: Just treat your white jeans like regular denim. Throwing on a scarf and a blazer instantly makes it ok for the fall / winter. Just make sure your shoes are weather appropriate. I particularly love blue/navy blazers with camel/brown/tan accents. I think burnt orange, red, maroon and olive are great with white as well. 
2. Throw on a sweater: So simple! I think as long as you steer clear of bright summer colors any sweater will work. If you want to add a little pop, wear it in layers. For instance, a green button up underneath a gray sweater gives you a little color, without looking out of place for the season. 
3. Head to Toe: I loved this look in the summer, and I’m not about to give it up. Instead of a tank and sandals, throw on a white button up, sweater, white coat, etc. Layering is what I think makes the “head to toe white” in the winter look incredibly chic. For a little color, do just like you did in the summer and add pop with your accessories. 
 4. Black and white baby: Black and white is always chic. You know this. If you want to wear your white dress in the fall/winter just throw on some black tights, killer black booties / heels and a black jacket. 
Thanks for stopping by!
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