The “Lip-Biter”

Shirt: H&M (sold out)  / Skirt: DHgate / Shoes:Eva & Zoe  Purse: Thrifted

I have this new thing for tulle skirts. And there’s a funny/ not so funny story about this skirt. 
I originally ordered it in white, but they sent me black instead. A little ticked off, I decided to make it work anyways. I got it for a steal, so why not right? 
I always like mixing pieces that are a little dressier with items that are a bit more casual for an unexpected look, A skirt like this can pair well with a tee – and the sequins add a little something extra.
I’m not a sequins girl, but the shirt reminded me of the Rolling Stones (and I AM a Rolling Stones fan) so… I got it. 
When my fiance (still odd saying that) walked in the door he seemed a little confused with the outfit. And THAT my friends is how I know it’s a good one.
Let that be a rule of thumb ladies. If your guy is a little confused at what you’re wearing, but keeps looking at you in that “it’s a little weird but I think I like it” kind of way… you’ve got a winner. 
After all… we’re not really dressing for the men are we?
So happy my crappy computer stayed alive long enough to let me post this! Let’s meet again soon, shall we?

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I’m so (baby) blue…

I'm so (baby) blue...

When it comes to the weekend, comfort is key. Most of my weekends consist of running around finishing up some errands and checking out thrift shops or local stores. So, comfortable shoes are the first priority! Here’s a quick breakdown:

1. Reasonable shoes: Something you can walk in and easily slip off.
2. Soft Skirt: You want to be able to run around in it without have to worry about keeping your legs crossed. Sooo annoying! 🙂
3. Crop top: You can wear them with skirts, high waisted pants, high waisted shorts – very versatile.
4. A good pair of sunnies: I have this innate ability to constantly be driving directly into the sun. It’s a gift…. or just bad timing.
5. Envelope clutch: Big enough to fit your necessities, small enough to bring with you anywhere.
6. Headphones: While I’ve been using my Sony headphones lately, I’m dreaming of one day getting these Beats By Dre.
7. Furry Phone Friend: I just got an iPhone case last month and I’m already over it. This panda one is so cute right? 

Free People crop top

French Connection short skirt
$71 –

Head Over Heels by Dune blue shoes
$30 –

Rebecca Minkoff clutch

Gold headphone

Tech accessory

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Six Spring Sandals

Six Spring Sandals

I’m feelin’ this springtime weather – and it’s put me in a sandal mood! I may also be in the sandal mood because my heels are killing me and all I want to wear for the next few days are flats. But – let’s go with the sunny disposition shall we?

I’ve included some of the sandals I have on my shopping wish list this season. I really love ankle strap and gladiator sandals right now. The look is beautiful and the ankle strap makes them stay on your feetsies.

Also, I’m DYING for a pair of Birkenstock sandals. I’ve wanted them for over a year now and just never committed. That will be changing here shortly!

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A Polished St. Patrick’s Day

A Polished St, Patty's

Beer, cheer and tacky t-shirts. That’s typically what a St. Patrick’s day looks like no matter where you go. But, if you’d like to wear an outfit this year that you may actually wear again, I’ve come up with a few ideas. Whether you’re going to work, a parade, or out on the town, these looks make you look festive…not foolish.

(P.S. There’s a Celtic necklace that I wore in this recent post if you’re really wanting something authentic. Click to check it out. Great price point by the way!)

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Valentine’s Day Ideas (everything under $100)

Valentine's Day Ideas (everything under $100)

It’s (almost) Valentine’s Day! And who cares whether you have a bf or not…. it’s always fun to dress for the occasion right?! I’ve included three different ideas depending on your mood and every item is under $100. So whether you’re going to a romantic dinner or singing Alanis Morissette on the karaoke with your girlfriends – at least we can LOVE our outfits right?! 

Topshop cream lace dress
$100 –

AX Paris dress
$61 –

Coast playsuit jumpsuit
$75 –

Pointy toe flat
$88 –

Forever New small high heel shoes
$54 –

Rhinestone purse

Red leather purse

Miss KG evening purse
$69 –

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