Adidas Superstar Sneaker Style

 Jeans: h&m – WhoWhatWear for Target – Jacket: h&m – Purse: Sam & Libby – Shoes: adidas – Necklace: simlar found here and here – Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

     I’ve been on this sneaker kick lately, but I have to admit I was a little hesitant to put down my heels. I mean come on! I typically wear heels from morning til night! But let me tell you… it can be done!
Fashion Bloggers’ Go-To Sneaker (and why they work):
     You’ve probably been seeing these adidas superstar sneakers a lot lately, and for good reason. They’re a great substitute for a flat if you want to add a little tomboy into your outfit. Plus, they’re super comfortable! They’re also perfect for that 90’s minimalist look. I wear them all the time in non-blog posts, most of the time with ripped jeans and a tee or a cotton dress. They’re the perfect addition to my closet!
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Layered up romper






Jacket – Shoes – Bag: Topshop (sold out, but similar here and here ) – Romper: ZARA (also love this ASOS version and this style from AE) – Hoops: Topshop – Boots/Scarf: Target
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
It’s been getting a little warmer and I’m so excited! It’s that perfect time of year here in Vegas when it’s not too hot, but not too cold. Yay! I picked up this romper from ZARA a few weeks back and the clutch from Topshop (on sale!) I also love pairing boots with rompers and dresses to add some edginess to an outfit. 😉
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Pastel Pink (midi skirt with crop top)

 Skirt – Top: Forever 21 (similar here and here) – Shoes – Rings: h+m – Sunglasses: Ray-Ban – Lipstick: MAC (color is “Whirl”)
     I was looking for an outfit for our GALentine’s Day celebration and thought this pastel pink outfit would be perfect! What’s GALentine’s Day you ask? (Click here and allow Leslie Knope to explain). 
    I typically don’t wear pink (you may have heard me say this before), but when it comes to brunchin’ with my lady friends it just feels appropriate to get super-stinkin’ girly. I absolutely LOVE midi-skirts and this high waisted version is a nice match to a lighter pink crop top. 
So wadduya think? Let me know by leaving a comment below. I’d love to connect!
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Valentine’s Day Crush

Valentine's Day Crush

Valentine’s Day Crush by lindsey-simon featuring kate spade jewelry

     Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! I’ve compiled my list of V-Day crush worthy items (my faves… purses, shoes, and jewelry). Heck! Why not celebrate all you’ve accomplished this year and get yourself a well-deserved Valentine’s Day gift! 
   On a side not… I’ll be completely honest… V-day is not my favorite. Not because I don’t enjoy celebrating love. I mean why shouldn’t we? It’s the most amazing thing a human being can be part of. In my opinion it’s the closest we can get to heaven while on Earth! However, I feel like this day often leads to unnecessary stress for some of the guys out there. They feel so much pressure to go above and beyond. My husband is a prime example. 
     Short story break: Last year he booked a rezzie for a fancy-shmancy restaurant here in Vegas. I mean.. oysters, champagne, tiny portions, big bill… the whole nine yards. It meant so much to me that he planned it all out. But the best part of the night was after dinner when we laughed about how hungry we still were. We played the craziest slot machines we could find, drank a little too much wine, and then caught a cab to the Taco Bell drive thru before heading home. That was my favorite part of the night. Just being together and laughing with my bestie. 

     So, it doesn’t matter if your Valentine is your guy/girl, your kids, your gal pals, your mom, your sister or your dog. Just do something to celebrate “love” in general!
    All my “Crush Worthy” items are itemized below. I tried to keep them budget conscience, and for the more costly items… I feel like they were worth the price. Thanks everyone for stopping by The Nomis Niche! And while I’m at it… I love all of YOU for your continued support! xoxo
Love, Lindsey

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Winterize a summer jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: So sorry it’s sold out! but also would work with this strapless version from Lulu’s –  Top: Forever 21 – Clutch – H&M – (similar here) – Heels: Eva & Zoe
I’m a jumpsuit fanatic for many reasons. For one, they’re super comfortable. I can go out and have a good time without having to worry about crossing my legs all the time. Bonus: I can really get down on the dance floor in this jumpsuit. I actually did a split in this one. Well… I tried. I sometimes forget I don’t have my 13 year old gymnast body anymore. (I’m actually just getting over a pulled hamstring because of it. I blame my husband. He encourages my embarrassing odd behavior.)  
But I digress… I also love jumpsuits as an alternative for a dress in the colder months because you don’t have to worry about your pasty white winter legs showing. (Mine could blind you!) But one of my favorite things about them is that you can wear them all year round. 
To make this jumpsuit work for the winter months I just threw on a bow blouse underneath in the same color. It almost makes it look like one piece. 
How are you wearing your jumpsuits? I’d love to know. Let’s connect! Leave a comment / follow me on instagram @lindsey.simon
Thanks for stopping by!
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