Modern with Modani

Modern with Modani
    Hello everyone! I’ve decided to venture out of my fashion comfort zone and try creating…well… a COMFORT ZONE!
    I’m very much into the modern look for homes. But, let’s face it, sometimes the contemporary pieces just look cold. Am I right? That’s what I like about Modani. It offers the look I like, but it also looks comfortable enough to live in.
  • A major pices for me would of course be the couch. I’m not a sitter. I do not sit like a normal human being. I’m almost always lounging, laying and oftentimes napping on our couch. Which is why this particular sectional caught my eye. A bonus? It’s extremely versatile. You can mix and match the pieces you want to fit your personal living space. But this is just one of many. Check out what else Modani offers by clicking here.
  • Another biggie for me is accessories. Just like an outfit, they can add personality to your look. I love the bull sculpture because I’m a Taurus. The structure of this clock also caught my eye because, to me, it looks futuristic and old fashioned all at the same time. Lord knows I love a good ironic piece.

  • What I like most about what the mirror is what it symbolizes. It’s all broken up.  Seeing this everyday would remind me to “see things differently.”

  • As for the tree picture? In just about every room of my house there is either a picture, a plant or decals of outdoor elements. I find it incredibly soothing. Nature does that to people. (And if you’re more of an “indoors person”, what better way to get in touch with nature than bringing it into your home? No bug spray required!)

Thanks for stopping by, and if anything catches your eye – you can find it all at !



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