Hi everyone! We’re here in Pittsburgh visiting with family for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier! This is the one time of the year when I get to see almost ALL of my family at one time. They’re all a bunch of kooks so I’m pretty much always laughing. We also have a few family traditions that we do every year, which I’ll share later in this post, but first – here are some gift ideas for the women in your life!



In a previous post I asked you about your family holiday traditions and it was so much fun hearing from you all! We have a few traditions in my family….


My sister Alex, my mom and I make buckeyes every year. If you don’t know what they are – they’re basically balls of peanut butter wrapped in milk chocolate. Kind of like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, but better. The recipe is older than I am and it’s one of the first memories I have of Christmastime. My sister and I always used to argue over the “propper buckeye size” and I’d get agitated with her because she’d peace out before they were all finished. We don’t argue anymore, but I still think she makes them way too small and lumpy. (For real though – she’s one of my favorite people in this world. I just like to give her a hard time because that’s what big sisters do).


Every year my dad and step-mom host my favorite party of the year (we always bring a tin of buckeyes over). It’s starts out with church and then we all head back to the house to get ready for the guests. Everyone comes over and we sit around filling our faces with good food and my dad breaks out his homemade wine which is DEADLY! We have a white elephant gift exchange and then it’s time to dance. One year they moved all the furniture in the living room to make a proper dance floor. It’s a blast and we don’t end up going to bed until the early morning hours (not before taking turns reading The Night Before Christmas though).


We always head over to my mom’s house on Christmas Day and open presents. My step-dad hands out the gifts to everyone and the majority of them are still from Santa Clause. After gifts we eat the homemade meal my mom made – which is enough food to feed six families of four. We’re talking ham, turkey, homemade stuffing and about 15 more plates. After we stuff our faces we sit around the table and talk for a few hours. My mom has a habit of refilling your wine glass before you’ve even finished. Sometimes you don’t even notice that she’s doing it. It’s a running joke now.


My husband, Mike, (whom I affectionately call “The Shmoop”) and I like to do our own little Christmas at home in Las Vegas before we travel to Pittsburgh. We sit around the tree and exchange gifts. We also always write hand-written letters to each other. We met in December 2008 so this is always a really special time for us in our relationship. We read our letters and then cry like a bunch of sentimental saps. After I fix my mascara we either decide if we want to cook dinner together or head out to a local casino.

If you follow me on Snapchat/Instagram (both are @thenomisniche) you’ll see/have seen these traditions take place.

I hope your holiday season is filled with lots of laughter, love… and dancing!

Love, Lindsey

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