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FACT: I have two and a half drawers filled with pajamas. That’s also not including the absurd amount of robes I have hanging on the back our of bathroom door. Some may look at this as a problem. I see it as an extremely comfortable way to live life.

Over the years my passion for PJ’s has grown to a full blown obsession. I used to only wear sweats and tees to bed, but there’s just something about putting actual pajamas on that makes your mind think, “OK, it’s time to wind down now.” (I’d actually like to put a post together about my nighttime routine, including the lotions and potions I use. Holler at me if that’s something you’d be into.)

A friend of mine recently turned me onto these silk pajamas by ELISE. One reason I love them is because I feel like a luxurious lady when I have them on. Like I have people that bring me caviar and mimosas while I lay in my California King sized canopy bed all day with adorable bed-head . (In real life it’s a bowl of Rasin Bran and generic brand OJ. My bed head is also 0% Victoria’s Secret model and 100% Albert Einstein.)

Another somewhat weird fact? I’m a super sweaty sleeper. Like… to the point where my husband and I WebMD’d that shiz because it’s so extreme. Well, I’m not going through menopause and I don’t have diabetes – so I guess I’m just a 5’7” living and breathing radiator. One solution? Silk PJ’s. Silk is a really lightweight fabric and helps me stay cool at night (a must when living in Vegas). The fabric can be pricey, but it feels OOOOHHHH SO NICE!

I’ve included some other prime time PJ options below if you’re on the hunt for a new set. Also, if you have a solution for extreme sleep sweating let me know! My husband thanks you ahead of time.

Love, Lindsey




  1. ha! I seriously don’t own a single robe. I’ve been on the hunt for that perfect one for about a year and pajama sets, i just purchased my first one. Im a sweats and tshirt kind of gal. but i need to step my game up

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