I’ll be honest, I’ve never really been a fan of rose-scented perfumes. But when Dana Classic Fragrances asked me to try out their Tabu Rose scent I thought, ‘why not?’ If I don’t like it I’ll send it back. If I do – that’s great! Well I actually really like the fragrance – and after doing a little research, now I can understand exactly why.







First of all, it’s not a sugary sweet pre-teen type of scent. It’s light, but also has nodes of cedar and amber (two of my favorites). I’ve realized the majority of perfumes I’m drawn to actually have amber in them. Tabu Rose also features lychee and rose – which makes it a great scent to wear during the daytime. Also, I’ve always wanted a perfume spritzer like the ones you see in old Hollywood movies. It makes me feel like a classy silver screen starlet (even if I’m wearing my Sunday sweats and pimple cream).

Now to the interesting backstory…

The ORIGINAL Tabu perfume was created by Jean Carles back in 1932 and he was supposedly instructed to “make a perfume a whore would wear.” How crazy is that!? I laughed out loud after reading about it. Now, I’ve never smelled Tabu and don’t know if that’s true, but if it was for the “lady of the night” then Tabu Rose is for her semi-angelic younger sister.. She’s sweet, but also girl you can enjoy happy hour with. 🙂

If you’d like to try out Tabu Rose for yourself, it’s available at Rite Aid and Walgreen’s.

Love, Lindsey


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    1. YES! I thought I was the only one! Too funny. Maybe that’s why most of the time I don’t really like rose scented perfumes. But I really do like this one 🙂 Have a great day Clarissa!

  1. First, I have to say that you look absolutely GORGEOUS, girl! From your hair and makeup to your whole outfit, everything looks amazing! This sounds like such a great smelling perfume; I love amber, too! How funny about the original scent, haha; I love your two scents on this newer fragrance 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having the best start to your week so far!



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