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Here’s another outfit from our stay in Santa Monica. I’m a huge sucker for rompers (they’re so eassssy!) and I’m still diggin’ the off-the-shoulder trend, so I instantly loved this romper from Topshop (it comes in orange and white too!)


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Oh Lawwwd take me back! No… I’m fine. It’s fine.

I’ll handle this Vegas heat like I’ve been doing for the past 9 years – stay inside and hide. So, let’s just talk about the outfit mmkay?

Like I said, I love rompers and anything off-the-shoulder. So, this romper from Topshop was a must. I tend to wear my rompers and jumpsuits WAY more than I do any of my dresses. Why? It’s not necessarily that I think they’re more fashionable or anything – I just like to be able to dance! There have been times when Beyonce comes on while I’m out shopping and you best BELIEVE I groovin’ when I hear it. I also dance like a damn fool. That being said, preventing a wardrobe malfunction is high on my “is this purchase worth it” checklist. Rompers keep me in that safe place.

As for these studded sandals – I’ve worn them no less than 15 times in the past month, and apparently everyone feels a shared affection because they’re sold out everywhere! However, Forever 21 is still carrying a brown version. I also found a similar version at Charlotte Russe.

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Love, Lindsey




    1. Can you believe it? They’re sold out in the black pair right now, but the brown version is still available. I linked a similar black pair above too. Thanks so much for stopping by Amanda!

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