A little while ago I did a post (seen here) about a dress that I’d be wearing over and over again. Well… this is the same dress, and as proof that it’s possible I’ve styled four different ways you can wear it right now!


Dress: VIPME (also comes in black)// Purse: TARGET (similar HERE and HERE) // Vest: Old (similar HERE and HERE) //Shoes: FOREVER 21 (similar style HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) Belt: ZARA (similar HERE)

With a belted utility vest:



For a laid back look pair it with a tee and combat boots:



Dress: VIPME (also comes in black)// Purse: VIPME // Shirt: old (similar HERE)// Boots: JUSTIN BOOTS (similar style HERE) // Sunglasses: RAY-BAN

Tap into your chic side with black accessories:



Dress: VIPME (also comes in black)// Purse: VIPME // Shoes: FOREVER 21 (similar style HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) // Sunglasses: RAY-BAN

Go sporty with a bomber and sneaks:


Dress: VIPME // Purse: TARGET (similar HERE and HERE) // Shoes: NIKE// Glasses: EyeBuyDirect // Sweater: BANANA REPUBLIC (sold out, but found similar one HERE)

By the way, this is the second post in my “one piece – multiple ways” series. Is this something you like? If so, I can definitely do more of them. I love finding different ways to wear one item!

Meanwhile, in my life outside the blog… wait… is there life outside the blog? If I’m not working on it I’m thinking about it. I literally will get out of bed at 2AM because I can’t stop thinking of things I want to do on the back-end or projects I want to start. So, I just get out the ole’ laptop and do it then. I won’t sleep otherwise, so there’s no real point in trying. I know this creative spurt won’t last forever and I’ll more than likely fall into a little blogger-slump eventually. But, for now I’ll enjoy the sugar-plum colored purses that dance in my head and the (designer) bags that are forming under my eyes. That’s what concealer is for anyways right?

My secret for staying inspired as of late? I’m pinning like crazy! If you follow me on Pinterest you’ll know what I’m talking about. From interior design to fall outfit inspiration and my favorite holiday (next to Christmas of course)… Halloween! I’m a nut for Halloween and look forward to it all year round. I recently found a DIY pin on how to create  a pumpkin keg. A pumpkin that serves beer! YES PUH-LEEEEZ!

I want to know… what inspires you?

Love, Lindsey



  1. I’d never thought of putting a t-shirt over a dress before but what a great idea! It completely transforms the outfit… definitely going to be borrowing that little trick! x

  2. You are TOO adorable!!! I love these kinds of posts, and ordinarily I wouldn’t gravitate towards a longer dress, but you made it work in a variety of ways! I’d love to see more posts like this. Maybe with something classic like a cream knit shirt? 😀
    Good to know I’m not the only one who can’t fall asleep because my brain won’t turn off!! It’s sooooo bad! Ahhh…. I get inspired by everyday people who are so committed and passionate! Like you! 😀


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